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Submit a deal to be featured in the IronwoodGo! Mobile app and delivered to Android and iOS devices of people living in an visiting the Ironwood, Michigan area.  To be eligible to have a deal in the app, you must be an Ironwood Area Chamber of Commerce member.  Memberships are open to businesses in all communities and not limited to those in Ironwood.  To join the Ironwood Chamber of Commerce click here.

The cost to run a deal is $25/week and there are a maximum of four deals run each week.  Deals start on Monday of each week and end on Sunday.

  • Add a Short Descriptive Title for Your Deal. This should be one sentence and to the point. Be sure to include the product(s) or service(s) the deal is on, the amount of the deal and your business name. (ie. "25% Off One T-Shirt at XYZ Clothing Store")
  • Go into more detail on the deal. Tell the customer what is or isn't part of the deal and any other information to help people understand the deal and want to use it. This should be a few sentences long.
  • Add a good image related to your deal. An image goes a long way in selling the deal to potential customers. Photos of the products or of people using the product or service work well. It should be something that helps the customer understand the deal and not a photo of your building or logo. If you don't immediately have a photo, you can send us one later, but the deal can not go live without a photo.
  • Choose a day you would prefer the deal to start. Dates are not guaranteed and we will verify with you prior to going live with the deal. Dates are offered on a first-come first-serve basis with a maximum of 4 available deals per week. Deals typically start on Monday each week and end on Sunday. If you are open to running the deal at the next available time, leave this field blank.
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  • Please enter a value between 1 and 52.
    Add the duration of the deal in weeks. A deal typically starts on Monday and ends on Sunday of a given week and is offered at $25 per week.
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